Waterproofing Projects

Roof/Terrace Waterproofing Contractor

Make Your Terrace Leak Free with Modern water proofing Services: Terrace ,Roof ,Wall Crack Filling, Dampness Proof Waterproofing Contractor.

Waterseal Waterproofing

Bathroom Waterproofing

Three types of Bathroom Water proofing Services Providers in Ahmedabad. Keep your home away from dampness, leakage and cracks with warranty!

We are Specialist in

Wall Dampness Waterproofing

Do you want to get Solution of leaky roof, seepage, wall dampness, wall fungal, and water leakage/damage? We are providing you with an innovative solution to all these problems.

We are Specialist in

Water Tank Leakage.

Providing you the best range of  Waterseal Silicone based protective coating work for Over head and Under ground Water Tank Water proofing

Waterproofing Expert

Weather shed Coating

Water proofing for Weather shed Such as industrial shed, garage shed, car parking shed, Window shed ,Terrace garden shed , etc. Waterseal Weather Shed Water proofing Services repairs the Fiber , Cement, and Metal Based Sheds, with suitable solutions required within less time which provides no other load and makes the Shed Stronger For long Time.


The most Trusted, Transparent & Admired Waterproofing Contractor at Ahmedabad Gujarat.

We are specialist in all types of old & new building’s waterproofing Contractor at Ahmedabad,Gujarat. We Have Found The best way of  water proofing. We use specially treated  Silicone and Acrylic Polymers  chemicals . Our experts have best knowledge, to provide you quality waterproofing services applied on top of plasters,Tiles,China Mosaic or other cementious surfaces to make it moisture proof.

Water proofing Services: Terrace Water proofing, Roof Water proofing, Wall Water proofing, Crack Filling, Dampness proof.

Waterproofing Contractor‘Waterseal’ has been providing guaranteed solutions for water leakage for the past 23 years. For any problems relating to leakage,dumpness or cracks, we provide the best and permanent solutions. We use world class standard water proofing for any kind of leakage or cracks. We provide trust worthy solutions with a Genuine Guarantee period of 3 years. We ensure that our services are provided without any inconvenience for our customers. We undertake repairing of any building, be it old or new. We have expertly skilled men who fix the leakages or cracks without damaging the existing roof as well as tiled terrace.

We are Waterproofing your homes |offices and factory with;

Cost Effective |  3 Years Guarantee |100% Satisfaction | Heat Resistant

Waterproofing Services

all types of old & new building’s Waterproofing Services Provider

Waterproofing Ahmedabad
Terrace Waterproofing Contractor

Terrace Waterproofing Contractor

Looking for a quality and affordable Terrace Water proofing for your Building ? so,that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your newly Water proofing by us.  


Waterproofing Contractor

Bathroom Waterproofing Services

‘Waterseal’ Provides a Complete Solution for the Old and New Bathroom Water proofing , Which Completely Makes your Waterproof and Strong.Proper water proofing.


Waterproofing Services

Water tank Waterproofing Services

waterseal has signed up 280+ trusted Water proofing contracts in the last several years of operating in Gujarat .Seepage or leakage of water is a problem in…


Reviews and Testimonials

Real customer reviews and testimonials for Waterseal Water proofing. We have provided Terrace, Bathroom, Basement-wall water proofing systems to all over Gujarat.

Very satisfied!

We faced a terrace water leakage problem.We tried several remedies but nothing helped our problem. we searched on the net for it. and we found Waterseal Services. having its guaranteed solutions. and they properly solved our leakage problem. with our low budget too. So thanks to Mr.Simon.

Secretary of Sarvoday Co.Society

Great job!

“Our office premises leaked profusely from the roof and walls. Various attempts were made to stop the leakage by different Methods but ended up in vain. We at last came to know about the Waterseal’s new Revolution in the solution of leakage problems. and we decided to give them a chance, and it was the time the leakage problems were solved by Waterseal “

Mr.Mangesh shah

Affordable Waterproofing

Had a water line burst at an apartment building, after called numerous companies and getting ridiculously high quote I called ‘Waterseal Waterproofing Cotractor, they came right away and finished the job quickly and for a great price!. I would recommend them to anyone looking for profession work at great prices!

Mr.Arpan Vyas
Executive Assistant


“I had a problem of water leakage from my Terrace over 12 years. I had Spent lot of money for its solution ,but nothing seemed to help me . Then i heard about the waterseal water proofing solutions and called them for proper examination of my problem and they worked on it for 1 day only and quickly solved my problem by Silicone based Compounds.”

Mr. Denial Christian
Branch Manager

Very quick ! & Permanent solutions

Thanks to Waterseal Water proofing .during 1996 I Called them for my bungalow’s water proofing at Ahwa . which is one of the places where the rainfall is very heavy. So far we have not still faced any leakage or dampness in my house.

Dr.S D.Vasava
Physician doctor

Easy to work with waterseal

Waterseal services has executed water proofing over roof of HDFC Bank building on College Road, Nadiad under our consultancy. This work was carried on 1997 and no leakage is observed in this area till now.”

Mrs. Disha Desai
Building Owner

Why Choose Our Waterproofing Service?

More then 23 years Experience

Choose Waterseal waterproofing contractos- because of our reputation for excellence. For more than 20 years, we’ve earned a name for quality and customer service. our Skilled Employees give always high quality work and Guaranteed Satisfaction.

Project done on time

Our team will do all your projects on time with at most finish. You can be safe and certain about work with Waterseal Waterproofing Services.

Always avaliable

We’re there for you anytime you need us. Contact us for a consultation, estimate or any question you might have about your project or our work.

Proffesional and responsible

You can always lean onto Waterseal Waterproofing Contractor. Our team of professionals will help you to solve any kind of leakages in your premises.

Looking for a Quality and Affordable Water proofing for your Building ?

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About Waterseal

Waterproofing is an Indian company in the sector of Waterproofing Specialists. It was founded in 1997 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat by Mr Simon Benjamin. His choices towards more innovative products, with a high standard and technological qualities.


Waterproofing Projects

Waterproofing Projects

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waterproofing methods