How to Stop Bathroom Leakage without Removing Floor Tiles?

Suitable for Bathroom Tiles, Terrace Tiles, China Mosaic and Terrazzo Flooring or previously coated concrete


Surface Preparation:

  1. Clean the surface: Before applying the tile joint, ensure that the surface of the tiles is clean and free from any dirt or debris. Use a cleaning solution to wipe down the tiles and the joint areas.
  2. Cut the nozzle: Cut the nozzle of the tube at a 45-degree angle to the desired width of the joint. Ensure that the nozzle is not too wide or too narrow.
  3. Apply the sealant: Squeeze the tube gently and apply the sealant to the joint area. Ensure that the sealant is spread evenly and covers the entire joint.
  4. Smooth the joint: Use a sealant smoothing tool or a damp finger to smooth out the joint and remove any excess sealant. This will ensure that the joint is neat and tidy.
  5. Allow to dry: Leave the sealant to dry for at least 24 hours before using the bathroom. This will ensure that the sealant is fully cured and will not crack or peel.
  6. Clean up: Clean up any excess sealant with a damp cloth or scraper before it dries. This will ensure that the joint is clean and free from any unsightly marks.

By following these simple steps, you can easily apply a tile joint using a bathroom leakage kit. This will help to prevent water damage and keep your bathroom looking clean and neat.

How to Stop Bathroom Leakage without Removing Floor Tiles? Video
How To Stop Bathroom leakage without removing floor tiles- how to Waterproof a bathroom floor Video

The most important Mixing Ratio for Bathroom Tile Joints

uses a 2:1 ratio of Part A (50 ml) and Part B (25 ml). (Hard and dry Coating) A 100 ml measuring cup should be used and the mixture should be put into a needle container.

Mixing Ratio for Open Space Tile Joints

mix Waterseal’s Clear-Coat in a 1:1 ratio of Part A and Part B. (Like 50 ml+50 ml) This coating is flexible and slow-setting, suitable for open spaces.

Make sure that the surface is completely Dry. No pipes or Taps Dripping
No Rising humidity from beneath the ground.

All oils, grease, and residues must be properly cleaned before attempting
Waterseal  Clear-coat – Tile Joint Sealant

  1. Make sure that the surface is completely dry. Clean the Surface thoroughly using a cloth. The surface should be free of dust, before application.
  2. Use a Hand Scraper and remove old grouts(joints)in Tiles. So chemicals can be filled in it.
  3. MOST IMPORTANT MIXING RATIO For Terrace Tile Joints: Mix WATERSEAL’S Clear-Coat (Part A- 50 ml+ Part B-50 ml) Ratio of 1:1  ( Flexible and Slow setting Coating for Open space)For Bathroom Tiles Joints (Part A- 50 ml+ Part B-25 ml) Ratio of 2:1. (Hard and dry Coating)use a 100 ml Measuring cup And fill the Mixture in Needle Container.
  4. Fill the mixture into Joints In Needle Container Use the mixture in less than 30 minutes, or else it will start drying. Joints will take 4 to 6 Hours to semi Dry. After repeating the Same Procedure and Filling the All Joints
    2nd Time. Once all joints are filled up.
  5. Fill the Big Crack & Joint Grooves with mixed filler using Putty-knife (4″ Hand Scraper)(1Part Clear coat mixer + 2 Part Crack Grouting Powder )Clean the Surface thoroughly using cloth. let the surface dry for at least 12-18 Hrs.
  6. For better results: Coating all over the tiles with Paint Brush and Roller.
  7. Warning: Never add the leftover mixture back to the chemical container else the chemicals will start drying. Store in a cool & well- ventilated Place.
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  9. How to fix Cracks? Crack Filler for Roof/Terrace. View Video

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