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Who We are ?

We are specialized in waterproofing in Ahmedabad. we have done this work  over 19 years. We Have Found The best way of  water proofing. We use specially treated  Silicone and Acrylic Polymers  chemicals . Our experts have best knowledge, to provide you quality water proofing solutions.

Our Genuine Guarantee.

This waterproofing system is guaranteed for 3 years. In case of any complaint during this Guarantee period,will be rectified free of cost. As our customer, you can be assured you will receive only the best.

Why Choose Waterproofing Ahmedabad?

Choose us because of our reputation for excellence. For more than 19 years, we’ve earned a name for quality and customer service. our Skilled Employees give  always high quality work  and  Guaranteed Satisfaction.


What is the Water proofing ?

Waterproofing is the Best way to Stop Water leakages and Humidity.Water proofing is a method which prevents water from penetrating your house. Water proofing is very important as it helps keep your house dry. It helps reduce humidity inside the house and thereby protects things inside your house from damage caused due to humidity or water exposure. It is also important for the veracity of the building.

We are specialized in Waterproofing Ahmedabad.

we have done this work over 19 years. We Have Found The best way of Water proofing. We use specially treated Silicone and Acrylic Polymers chemicals . Our experts have best knowledge, to provide you quality Water proofing solutions.

Our Genuine Guarantee.

This Waterproofing system is guaranteed for 3 years. In case of any complaint during this Guarantee period,will be rectified free of cost. As our customer, you can be assured you will receive only the best.

Watch our Terrace Waterproofing Method in Ahmedabad



This is a Water based Water proofing Chemicals. added with white cement in proper ratio.
After applying coating on the surface, it will set within half an hour. The completely curing is needed for 24 hours.
No Worries About Load of The Silicone Waterproofing. Only 2 to 4mm  layer thickness to prevent water leakage from the applied surface.


1.  Washing the terrace surface and making it dust free.
2.  Filling all Visible cracks by specially prepared crack filler.
3.  Applying diluted silicone by Sprayer. for Filling the invisible cracks & small holes.
4.  Two coats of Silicone+cement by brush. for strengthen the surface.
5.  Applying Final Forth Coat of  Silicone by Roller ,Brush OR Sprayer
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Testomonioals -Clients say about Waterseal
Thanks to Waterseal Water proofing .during 1996 I Called them for my bungalow's water proofing at Ahwa . which is one of the places where the rainfall is very heavy. So far we have not still faced any leakage or dampness in my house.


"I had a problem of water leakage from my Terrace over 12 years. I had Spent lot of money for its solution ,but nothing seemed to help me . Then i heard about the waterseal waterproofing solutions and called them for proper examination of my problem and they worked on it for 1 day only and quickly solved my problem by Silicone based Compounds."

Mr. Denial Christian

"Waterseal services has executed waterproofing over roof of HDFC Bank building on College Road, Nadiad under our consultancy. This work was carried on 1997 and no leakage is observed in this area till now."

Mrs. Disha Desai

"Our office premises leaked profusely from the roof and walls. Various attempts were made to stop the leakage by different Methods but ended up in vain. We at last came to know about the new Revolution in the solution of leakage problems, and we decided to give them a chance, and it was the time the leakage problems were solved by Waterseal "

Mr.Mangesh Shah

"satisfaction in waterproofing"The entire team was hard working, dedicated, knowledgeable and highly efficient.'Waterseal' had successfully completed the water proofing and repair works of our building roofs and side walls during the year 2005, and the work was completely done to the best of our satisfaction in water proofing"

Sal Hospital 

"We faced a terrace water leakage problem.We tried several remedies but nothing helped our problem. we searched on the net for it. and we found Waterseal Services. having its guaranteed solutions. and they properly solved our leakage problem. with our low budget too. So thanks to Mr.Simon."

Mr.S.V.Shah Sarvoday Co.Society 

"Initially I hired another contractor to do my water proofing however it wasn’t done properly. waterseal redid the job and made it right. I was very happy with their professionalism and the quality of the work. The site was cleaned up thoroughly afterwards. I would happily recommend them.
Thank you vjay & Raju. I recommend the great guys at waterseal. they did such a great job. Clean up was amazing."

Mr. Ronald Christian 

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